Personal/ Business / Professional Self-Inking Stamps​​

Our Self-Inking Stamps Series. Comes in various sizes for your personal and professional needs.

​Round 23mm Stamps P120.00

Round 1 inch Stamps P180.00

​Round 1.5 inch Diameter  P 380.00
Round 2.0 inch Diameter P 420.00

Rectangular 13x33mm P120.00

Rectangular 22x55mm P280.00

Rectagular 32x67mm P350

Rectangular 3.5 inch x 1.5 inch  P 520.00

​Rectangular 3.15 inch x 4 inch P620

​​Square 1.5 inch P 380.00

Square 2.0 inch P 420.00

​Design can be chosen from our existing template or to be supplied by the Client. An additional editing fee will be charged if the artwork given is not compatible with our Stamp Machine.

Personal Self- Ink Stamps / Fun Self- Ink Stamps/ Souvenirs and Giveaways

Our personal self-ink stamps are our best seller!  Best for personal use or giveaways.   

For Personal Stamps:

- Round 23 mm Self-ink Stamps P80.00 each.  Comes in various Colors.

- Special Character Handle Self-Ink Stamps Price Range from P150.00 - P200.00.  

Make you​r own stamp special with Our Special Character handle stamps. Each stamp comes with your favorite character figure, keychain or cellphone strap and your own stamp.

Personalize Self-Ink Stamps for Personal and Business Giveaways

Character Templates for Stamp Etching


For Orders and Party Bookings! 

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We can also do family Stamps, Personal Insignia and Couple Stamps. Great for note cards, invitations or for scrapbooking.  Below are the templates that you can choose. 

We have a collection of 1,500 character templates to make you stamp more fun. Please click the blue button below to access our character templates.  For Orders please give us the character code found below each character.

Family Stamps, Couple Stamps, Personal Stamps