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Personalize Self-Ink Stamps for Personal and Business Giveaways


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the type of Stamps that you have? How much is you stamps

We have three types of different Stamp Machine.  Professional Series for business use, Regular Stamp Handle 23 mm and Character Handle Stamp for personal use and giveaways. To learn more about our stamps and prices, please check our Stamp Products page.

2. Is your stamp self-inking?

Yes, our stamps are all self-inking

3. Where can we buy the inks for refill?

You can buy from the local bookstore (look for flash ink) or you can buy from us for only P80.00 per ink bottle which will last you for a long time, depending on the usage.

4. How do I refill the ink?

When your stamp runs out of ink, just put two to three drops of ink on the stamp etching, spread it on the character and letters then let the pad absorbs the ink for 10 minutes. For excess ink, use tissue and pat gently and its done!

5. Do you have other character templates?

If the character you like cannot be found in our 1500+ character templates gallery, we can customize for you for an additional fee.  

6. Can you do business logo?

Yes, we can do business logo, size will depends on what stamp machine/body that you need.  Artwork should be provided to us in black and white. If we find that your artwork is not suitable for our stamps and we need to edit it, we will charge for the artwork.

7. We are interested, how do we order?

Please fill up the order form found in our website,  this will help us to be able to serve you better.  After  we received your orders, will email you your order summary and we will request deposit. After receiving your deposit, we will send you a layout for confirmation. After confirmation we will start making the stamps.  Depends on the job, normally we can finish the stamp within 2-3 days.

8. How much is shipping fee? When can I receive the item.

Shipping is P60.00 within metro manila and P100.00 if province.  Free shipping for order P500.00 and up within metro manila and P1,000 and up within province. Please expect two days for delivery within metro manila and 3-5 days for provincial areas.

9. Do you give bulk discounts?

Yes we do.  We give bulk discounts for orders 50 pieces and up.  

10. Where is your office? Can we pick up our stamp orders?

Our office is in Binondo, Manila.  You can pick up the stamps during office hours, Monday to Friday.

11. How do you cater to party events?

We can do on-the-spot stamps with your guest names.  For 50-200 stamp souvenirs we can finish it around 2-3 hours.

​12. What does the Price includes? How long does it take to make the stamps?

Price includes the stamp machine/body and stamp etching. We require at least 3-4 days to make the stamps.

13. Where can we pay?

We accept bank deposits, paypal and gcash. After filling up the order form we will send you the bank details.

​14. We want to get Party Stamps for our party event, where do we book? How much is your packages.

For parties and events, please contact us 09178229877 or 624-7304, so we can book your party event on our calendar.  As of the moment we can only cater to one event per day.  First come first serve basis. For packages, please check out our party packages page to know more about the price and inclusions. 

15.  What Stamps Inks Color are Available?

Available inks are Red, Blue, Violet, Black, Green and Pink.